The counterpart to Vertical Malt is Lloyd Wagner & Sons Inc. which was formed in the 1970s.  The original Wagner homestead still stands to this day where Lloyd & Harriet Wagner (both in their 90s) still live and thrive.  Lloyd is, himself, a 3rd generation farmer and since retirement has continued to remain close to the family farming operation which his sons, Tim and Joel Wagner, operate.

The original farmstead was established in the late 19th century by Julius Wagner.  He farmed with his son Martin who passed the torch to his son Lloyd.  The history and tradition of farming persists in our family today.


On the farm, the belief of good stewardship over the land is pervasive and they go to great lengths to manage the land and crops responsibly and sustainably.

 The Farm

For over 120 years, our ancestors cultivated this land.
We hope we have made them proud.