Vertical Malt is a Craft Malting company located in the Red River Valley near Fisher Minnesota.  We offer a range of malt products including roasted, toasted, and smoked malts. 

We enjoy an intimate relationship with our barley grower, our family farm.  This relationship gives Vertical Malt the rigorous supply chain control needed for our grain specification and certification program.  When you buy a materially certified malt from Vertical, you know what farm, what field, even the day our grain was harvested.


On of the services we offer is complete customizable malt products to enable you to create the next generation of craft beer.  It is our pleasure to work with craft brewers to create something truly unique for your next brew.


Vertical malt is still in its infancy and does not have large quantities available for purchase at this time.  We always like hearing from brewers and potential customers and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about Vertical Malt or our products.


Vertical Malt will have limited supply through 2016.  To check product availability please contact us



 Our Malt

02 - green malt